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Friday, December 21

Happy Birthday, Olivia!

A year ago, you were born (on Mike's late mama's birthday). And you were fabulous. And your mama not so much. But the same amazing doctor who saved me saved your mama, and we are all unspeakably grateful. In our house, Dr. A ranks right below God himself. And you and your mama are two of the reasons why.

For several days, your mama wasn't able to take care of you, but your daddy, oh, your daddy. He rose to the occasion, as we all knew he would. And you were surrounded by the Trinity... your mama's family who loved you so much, then and now. (But you know that, of course.) I remember talking to your daddy on the phone and him needing to go check on your mama... instead of hanging up with me, he simply handed the phone to your Memaw and I got to talk to pretty much all of your mama's family as they held you and loved you and prayed for your mama.

I hate it that I wasn't there then, and I hate it that I'm not there now. Days like this, I hate Joe. I know God brought us here to Florida for a reason, and most days I am philosophical about it. But not today. Today, I miss you and your mama and daddy, and I hate Joe. But I love you. And your mama. And your daddy.

And it breaks my heart that you had to celebrate your first birthday under an oxygen tent in the hospital. Seems to me that karma didn't take such good care of today for you, but in the end, I figure you've got what you need most.

You've got a mama and daddy who adore you all curled up in your oxygen tent with you. And you have extended family who love you like you can't imagine. They're going to drive you batty some days, but you're going to be so grateful to have them. And you've got a dog. And a happy home. And cousins. And, you know, us. What more could a girl need?

So happy first birthday, big girl. We are so in love with you. Kiss your mama for me. I miss her like crazy.

love, Chel

[  posted by Chel on Friday, December 21, 2007  ]


You are the greatest. We love you all.


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