Chasing Contentment

Thursday, December 20

Mea culpa... Ok, I admit it. Mike was right, and I was wrong. There. He should be happy now.

I donate blood every eight weeks when the blood mobile comes to work, and I always feel lousy the day after. But I bleed easy, and I figure this is an easy way for me to help others in our community. And the blood bank checks my cholesterol for free. I mean, come on.

So the blood drive was this week & I told Mike I wouldn't do it this close to Christmas. But of course I did. And I barely passed the iron test, so I know my iron was low, but I gave anyway. And then yesterday, I didn't eat much, and by this morning I was so dizzy I couldn't get out of bed. Had to call in sick.

So there it is... Mike was right and I was wrong.

But I was already scheduled to be off this afternoon for Griff's appointment with the orthopaedist. It was a fairly productive appointment, though ultimately, we still have to see another.

And now I'm going to go eat dinner (way early) to try to ease the dizzies. Later, we're going to watch the Dr. Suess marathon on ABCFamily.

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