Chasing Contentment

Wednesday, December 12

Today was a sad day. I've been really tired which makes me sad a bit anyway, but then I've also sorta hit a holiday wall in my heart. I've been all excited about the holidays this year, which is a refreshing change from last year. But now I just keep thinking about all of the lovely things we could be doing if we still lived in Louisiana. And I keep thinking about the people we love and what they are doing. And what I'd like to be doing.

For the first 14 years of my work career, I worked at a college, and I had two weeks off at Christmas. And the three of us... and then the four of us... hung out together and were lazy and loved every moment of those two weeks. And now I don't have nearly that much time off, and I'm missing that time with everyone. Mike and the kids have off, but I have to get up and go to work. And that's really hard.

I have saved up a couple of days of vacation time, and I've taken off two days around New Year's when Mike's dad and his wife are going to be in the state visiting all of us. And I had thought I had arranged it just so... so that the four of us could have a day or so of that lazy loveliness. But they changed their plans, and so mine aren't quite the same. Now, don't get me wrong. We're looking forward to seeing them and having them visit. They're always a fun visit. But I do miss the opportunity to have that time that I miss.

I guess today was just a lot of missing sadness. But while I do feel that, I have also felt the compassion of those around me now, and I am grateful God has given me friends at work who have been really integral to getting me to the point where I feel good about being here... even during this holiday season.

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Moving is so hard. I remember feeling that exact same way last year. ((hugs)) It will get better. I promise.

By Blogger Alexis Jacobs, at 3:20 AM  

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