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Monday, December 31

We went to Disney for New Year's Eve.

If anyone suggests to you that you go to Disney for NYE, just say no. Now, we had a good time.

But there were more people there yesterday than I think I've ever seen. We were crammed in like sardines & the wait time for the rides was crazy. And it rained.

And I am not a good ride it out and wait for better sort of girl. I know I should be, but I'm not. By 2:30, my feet hurt; I was soaked (and wearing a thin, white tee); and the wait was so long we couldn't get into any of the rides. I was ready to go.

Thankfully, the rest of our party has more determination than I do, and we stuck it out. And we ended up having a really good time. The holiday fireworks over Cinderella's Castle were amazing and well worth the wait.

(and for the record, I took the first two photos standing on my tiptoes with the camera above my head... not bad for a girl with vertigo & a zoom feature)

[  posted by Chel on Monday, December 31, 2007  ]


Yikes. Yeah, Disney is the best with NO lines!

By Blogger oh amanda, at 7:32 PM  

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