Chasing Contentment

Sunday, January 27

I'm a notoriously paranoid mama. I watch SVU. I read the paper. I know things can happen to kids. So my kids have to play in the back yard and can't go for walks in the neighborhood alone. I stand outside the men's room and wait for Griff if Mike isn't with us, and I give him a time limit... after which, I'm opening the door and yelling in for him. My mama paranoia has no shame.

A nice little boy moved in down the street last week and is in Griff's class at school. They've been playing all week, and I'm delighted for Griff to have a friend close by. I'm all for his little friend playing here at our house. Invite the whole darned neighborhood if you want! But Griff going there freaks me out. I've met the boy's older brother but neither parent.

But the two of them begged me this afternoon for Griff to go there, and Mike (the NOT paranoid parent) told me it would probably be okay, so I said yes. Now, I sent Griff down there with my cell phone in his pocket and instructions that I would call him in 30 minutes to come home (under the claim of needing to finish homework). And I'm trying to remember that Griff's God's child before he's mine and that he'll be fine.

But confidentially, I'll be delighted when the buzzer goes off and signals 30 minutes so I can call him home.

[  posted by Chel on Sunday, January 27, 2008  ]


You are not alone in these feelings. You are not nuts. You are normal. Love ya, go hug your kids.

By Blogger The Pastor, at 8:45 PM  

I agree with the pastor. I think that's something we all fear --- letting them go, whether it be down the street or off to school.

By Blogger it's me, Val, at 4:48 PM  

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