Chasing Contentment

Tuesday, February 19

It's been a while since I posted. My brother told me that I had promised an update on my job situation but then didn't provide it. He's right, of course. Lots of things are going on... let's see if I can do a quick update.

First, I miss Diet Coke like there's no tomorrow. I'm already thinking about the Diet Coke with lime that I'm going to have on Easter morning. And then the huge DC I'm going to have at the spring training game that afternoon. Yum.

As for the job, the situation just keeps getting worse. My supervisor now knows that I requested a transfer, and she's none too pleased about it. Now, she's taking out her frustration on all of us, which makes me unhappy. If she were ugly to me, I'd be fine with that, but I'm very uncomfortable with her being ugly to everyone because of me.

Eliza had a fabulous time at her Valentine's Day dance. I've got photos that I'll post soon. She was beautiful in her new red dress.

We had THE talk with Griff this evening. He's only nine, but he's been asking questions for several weeks. And there are things going on around him that led us to believe it would be better for him to be properly informed. And we talked about love and God and ... chemistry. And he said he wanted to 'hurl,' which is, of course, exactly the reaction we wanted from him.

And now I'm on my way to try to convince Eliza to go to bed so I can have a fudge pop and watch "American Idol."

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