Chasing Contentment

Tuesday, February 26

I've been remiss about posting lately. We've been busy with Griff's school stuff (I'm not sure I've mentioned lately that I hate the fourth grade... but I do), and I've been working a fair bit of overtime. Last weekend, we did take the entire weekend off to play together, and it was really nice.

We had game weekend and played "Mythbusters" and Dora Chutes and Ladders and Pooh Candy Land. We watched the new "Hairspray" movie, which was FABO. And we just had fun.

I also have some work good news. We got our profit sharing checks last week, which was great since it was enough to cover our taxes that we owe. And... I got word today that I've been transferred to a new supervisor.

Now, of course, I'm worried now that I won't do well and that it'll turn out that it was me and not my supe. But at least then, we'll all know. I start with the new guy on Friday.

And we're blessedly finished with Griff's last project. Now, he did really badly on it, but at this point, we're just glad to be finished.

Mike got me a groovy new iPhone for Valentine's Day, so I'm going to have to start posting quick little snippets from work on my lunch break just to keep up with everyone.

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