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Sunday, April 6

I love birthdays... all birthdays, but especially my birthday. I've already started getting groovy gifts & I had to share.

Chuck, Stacy and the kids gave me this great bag of random stuff. I LOVE random stuff! It's got note cards with my name on them and bath goodies and fuzzy slippers and Moose Munch. No, you can't see the MM in the picture. Mike and I ate it right away.

And my folks bought me new sandals (yeah, I picked them out but still!), and this amazing bouncy cow for my kitchen (and yes, for everyone who knows both me and my mother, I picked this out as well).

The photos didn't turn out nearly as groovy as the cow. Imagine it bobbing up and down. Sooo fun.

On our way home today from picking up the kids at Chuck and Stacy's, Mike took a detour for my birthday. I love to write and send pretty notecards, and some of my favorites are by R. Nichols. I've bought things from his website (and Mike's bought cards for me, which I love), and he's got an actual store now - close to us! Who knew?

So Mike sat outside in the van listening to the Astros on the XM while the kids watched a movie, and I went inside to pick from all of the groovy cards. Because I'm a notecard geek, I told the guy working there all about how I order online & love the cards & blahblah-I'm-a-dork-blahblah. He asked my name & I told him & he said he recognized it... said he knew all of the names of the people that order online (which sounds completely bogus).

And then he introduced himself... as R! That's right! The R Nichols. And I geeked right out. I was a full-fledged, completely unashamed notecard groopie dork meeting the guy who made them. It was such a rush. I bought all sorts of cards, which he personalized for me (that's right... R. Nichols cards with my name on them!). I got him to sign one of his cards for me. I'll scan it and post it later this week.

How completely cool is my birthday?! And it's not even here yet!!

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