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Saturday, April 5

This month, with the exception of my birthday, we are doing an experiment here in our house. Inspired by an article in the latest issue of Cookie magazine (the only parenting magazine that doesn't make me feel like a mama failure), we're going to try to go an entire month without eating out.

Now, for us, that's a HUGE challenge. We eat out a LOT. But I'm ready for us to eat healthier and to try new meals and to try to stretch the kids' willingness to try new things.

The article told of one family's endeavor to try 30 new meals in 30 days. We're not quite that adventurous. I'm going to throw in some sure things here and there to keep the kids going. But I'm going to have the majority of our April meals be new to us.

My plan is to make a menu for the week on Sunday, and to help keep me dedicated to it, I'm going to do Meal Plan Monday at Org Junkie each week. I'll post my meal plan here on Sunday evenings & hope for the best.

Now, just for the record, there will be some exceptions.
1) Our weekly trips to the Italian Ice place around the corner.
2) Chick Fil A Fridays. Everyone needs to start the last work day of the week with a chicken biscuit and fruit cup.
3) Spirit nights for Griff's school.

I'll post our progress here. We'll see how it goes.

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