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Wednesday, September 13

Carnival of Beauty
Beginnings and Endings

When I offered to host this particular Carnival topic, I knew it held personal significance for me. I'm humbled by some of the essays represented here and encouraged by others. I'm delighted to host this topic.

In thinking about beginnings and endings, I keep coming back to this verse...

"I am the Alpha and the Omega, the first and the last, the beginning and the end." Revelation 22:13 (NASB)
I am comforted that He is there always. May each of us find a little comfort, a little contentment in the faithfulness of our Lord. And may we find encouragement in these essays. Enjoy.

It's Keziah's birthday today, and she says it's an ideal time to reflect on the work that God has begun in her and where He has shut doors, knowing that God has his plans for her that He has had since before the beginning of time, that will prevail and cannot be thwarted.

Debi at Caught Between Worlds finds herself in the beginning and ending of a dream.

The beginning of life is an amazing miracle. The end of life can also be beautiful, as Sherrin reminds us, if the person has lived for Christ and others.

Ellen at MzEllen & Co. realizes that she is beginning the ending of her "nest" in "beginnings and endings."

Beginnings and endings are important, but so are the in between bits. Join Susanna as she struggles to be content with the every day bits.

At A Dusty Frame, we're challenged to remember that much of life is enduring the present situation.

Beginnings and Endings happen to us all. Veracity says it is not easy to go through them, but it is not all bad either. Trying to find the good things about it can help us get through them.

And I wrap things up with Moments in Time.

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Thank you for hosting. I look forward to reading.

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