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Tuesday, January 1

Happy New Year!
It's amazing to me that 2007 is already gone. While it was still difficult in a lot of ways, it was also sooo much better than 2006 that I am very excited to see what 2008 holds for us.

I like to start new things on new days/weeks/months/years, and I always have a list of resolutions. Generally, I like to say I'm going to 'get my life in order,' which makes Mike cringe. So because I like him a fair bit, I agreed to only two new changes at a time. That's fair, right?

Now, I'm a short girl and more than a bit chubby. That's okay, I guess, and I'd be swift to tell a short, chubby friend that if she was healthy and comfortable, she was fine. I do have a bit of a double standard for myself.

So, anyway. My first goal is to lose weight, but only in the context of living healthier. I need to exercise more and eat better. I'm not giving up anything I like (chocolate). I'm just adding healthy stuff to our lives and seeing where that takes us. Ideally, I'd like to lose four to five pounds per month, but if I don't, I don't.

Since we moved here, I've had lots of shifts in my relationship with God. At first, I was angry with Him. And then, I was pretty sure He was angry at me. And by the time I figured out neither of those was true, I had simply fallen out of touch with Him. Like an old friend with whom I had simply gotten out of the habit of calling or writing... I loved Him and trusted Him but just wasn't talking to Him any longer.

And I used to really enjoy prayer, said more than once that it was the part of Christian living that I was good at... but then, I wasn't even doing that.

And so my second goal is to get back to that daily time with God. I miss that. And I know from experience that I do best when I have time with Him often. In that time with God, I plan to begin praying again, both for myself and for my family but also for those people for whom I care. I always felt closer to those who were far away when I spent time with God talking about them.

Now, I know that it takes however many days or weeks to make something habit, but just to be safe, I'm giving myself all of January and February to work on these things. I'll add two new goals in March. And I'll post my progress here to try to keep myself accountable.

And maybe I'll sneak in a couple extra while Mike's not watching.

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