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Sunday, October 7

Happy Birthday, Eliza!!

For those of you new to our Eliza...
here's her first birthday and my letter to her on the first anniversary of the day I met her... her second birthday ... and her third birthday.

My dearest Eliza,
Some day, you'll be able to read these letters to you, and I hope that they don't tell you a single thing that you didn't already know. I hope that your daddy and Griffin and I are able to surround you in such love that you are constantly aware of the feeling of being loved and of being safe and of being cherished.

I hope that we are able to instill in you the knowledge that your Heavenly Father loves each of us even more than we love one another in this precious little family of ours. I think that is going to be an important knowledge in your young life... knowing that God loves each of us as a parent.

Your daddy and I were talking the other night and he called me his little cynic because I was explaining to him that I no longer believe in hope. I believe in faith and trust and generosity and kindness and goodness and love and gentleness and commitment and contentment, but not in hope. Hope feels to me right now like wishing on a star... not so much grounded in reality.

But maybe that's what hope is about, Eliza. Maybe hope, like faith, isn't about reality at all. Maybe it's about trust and belief instead. And if that's the case, I'll certainly take another stab at hope. For you... for all of us.

Our lives this last year or so haven't been what any of us had expected. And God keeps throwing us more and more unexpectedness. But through it all, I am confident that He will provide for each of us what we need to endure, to be what He desires us to be.

You are beyond precious to me. I honestly have no words. Your little life - and mine to go along with it - are the embodiment of God at work. God bless my ob-gyn. If anything ever happens to me, make sure your daddy (or Mandy) still sends him a chocolate cake on your birthday with a thank-you card. He saved us both.

You are this little light in our lives that drives us batty and yet draws us closer all the time. We are yours, and you know it. Griff adores you, and you know it. But you clearly feel the same about him, which is a blessing unto itself.

You're four now, and it's a little amazing that you're that old. You're sassy and independent and tender-hearted. You ran to me this morning in tears because a character on "Veggie Tales" was sad. You're stubborn and not easily swayed from your intent. You're funny and girly. You insist on taking one of your many stuffed animals or babies with you whenever you leave the house, and you pile so many of them into the bed with you at night that sometimes you have trouble deciding where you will sleep.

You are what God knew our family needed. And we are grateful.
much love,

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:) Happy Birthday, Eliza!

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